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Security Monitoring

Are you looking for SIEM solution, network monitoring, database monitoring, a tool for advanced threat detection or for vulnerability assessment? We offer you a portfolio of tools and services for security monitoring agenda. Our solutions are based on the IBM Security QRadar, IBM InfoSphere Guardium, FlowMon, LogBinder, Rapid7 and many more ISECO tools and included integrations. All solutions can be provided also as a service. Our most important added values are implementation, consultancy and support services provided by an experienced team, which ensure the successful realization of the project, so that the implemented solution will become a real business benefit for our client. Last but not least, we provide the security monitoring service which ensures continual security operations, detection of the possible incidents and fast reaction to them.

Consultancy services

Do you want to know the real security status of your company? Do you need help with information security implementation to your company? We offer portfolio of services for information security including:

  • Analysis of information security with respect to existing standards and best-practises.
  • Security analysis of the selected IT systems.
  • Risk analysis
  • Implementation of ISO 27 000
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Information security trainings.

Penetration testing

Do you have doubts about your company security? Do you need to verify the security level of your information systems? We offer simulation of the real attacks with respect to the discussed and agreed scenarios. The tests are focused on identification and practical exploitations of found vulnerabilities which can be used to escalate the user‘s rights and to allow unauthorized access to information systems and sensitive data.

Advanced Security Solutions

We offer wide spectrum of security software for information and IT security. Our portfolio consists of DLP solution Safetica, solution for web access management Kernun Clear Web, tool for penetration testing Metasploit Pro or solution for document classification Titus.

Mobile Device Management

Are you looking for a solution for managing mobile devices in your company? Are you dealing with the BYOD agenda? We offer, deliver, implement and support cloud based IBM MobileFirst Protect (formerly known as MaaS360) solution.

About us

ISECO.CZ provides services and solutions for information and IT security.

ISECO.CZ is focused on delivery of technologies and providing services in domain of information security with primary focus on security monitoring.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients in the field of information and IT security; to understand the client‘s needs and bring the best technical solutions and services with individual approach.


Our vision is to interconnect the world of business and IT security in order to make it the real business advantage which contributes to stability and growth of the company and is not only a cost item. Our motto is Information Security For Business.


Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Trust



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